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Goodby to all that: Ireland after the Pope: Summer 2019 : Volume : No.

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Goodbye to All That? Ireland After the Pope



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  • ‘New’ Ireland and Pope Francis

    Andrew McMahon

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    ‘While Pope Francis expressed contrition for the crimes committed by the

    clergy, the consensus is that he did not go far enough in terms of outlining the

    steps he intends to take to ensure that abuse is eradicated from the church’.

    These words were central to an editorial which appeared in the Irish edition

    of The Sunday Times on Sunday, 2 September.

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  • A Pope on a Neoliberal Island

    Kevin Hargaden

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    It is a year since Pope Francis visited Ireland. Various explanations can be offered for the relatively small numbers who attended the official ceremonies, although it should be remembered that these events represented the largest public gatherings anywhere in the state last year.

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  • After the Pope – the Catholic Church in Ireland

    Gerry O’Hanlon SJ

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    The role of the Catholic Church in Irish public and private life has changed considerably.

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  • After the Visit: Re-Learning Our Past

    Stephen Collins

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    There is a general consensus that the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland last summer failed to make any serious impact on the country.

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  • An Abrahamic Journey: Ireland, Faith and the Papal Visit

    Michael Kirwan SJ

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    A year after the visit of Pope Francis to the World Meeting of Families in August 2018, it would be stretching things to describe Ireland as ‘transformed’.

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  • Another Beginning?

    Brendan Hoban

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    The thrust of this article is three-fold. One, ongoing change is now a permanent reality for the Catholic Church. A first step is to accept this reality. Two, dealing with change means ‘living in the grey’, that’s accepting and embracing difficult questions that have no ready-made ‘black and white’ answers.

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  • Are You Serious? Facing the Challenges

    Bobby McDonagh

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    Like many others who attended Gonzaga College, one of my great privileges was to know and to be taught by Fr Joe Veale SJ.

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  • Young People and the Future of the Irish Church

    Breda O’Brien

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    The World Meeting of Families in August 2018 was a great boost for those who attended the event in the RDS. From the beginning, it was virtually ignored by mainstream media, and while the organisers and attendees valiantly tweeted and posted, it could not overcome the absence of mainstream coverage. Therefore, it had little wider impact beyond the people who attended.

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