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Studies is a quarterly journal published by Messenger Publications, the publishing organisation of the Irish Jesuits.  Founded and in continuous publication since 1912, it examines Irish social, political, cultural and economic issues in the light of Christian values and explores the Irish dimension in literature, history, philosophy and religion.


The summer issue of Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review is dedicated in tribute to the memory of Peter Sutherland, former Attorney General of Ireland, founding director-general of the World Trade Organisation, UN special representative for international migration from 2006-2017 and patron of Studies.

The centre-piece of the issue is a reproduction of a public lecture Chris Patten – now Lord Patten of Barnes CH, PC,– delivered in Dublin in February of this year, in honour of Sutherland.

Chris Patten delivered the inaugural Studies 2020 lecture on 25 February in St Ann’s Church, Dublin on The Future of Liberal Democracy. In an incidence of uncanny clairvoyance and breath-taking relevance to the current political zeitgeist, Patten called for world leaders who will stand up for the rule of law, declaring that “If ‘left-behinds’ feel victims of a system which not only hammers their hopes but looks down on their opinions and aspirations, it is not easy to attract their civic loyalty.”

Lord Patten also drew attention to the political and economic pressures from immigration, the corrosive impact that social media can have and the effect of profound changes in the world’s economic balance.

Lord Patten of Barnes, CH, PC was the 28th and last Governor of Hong Kong, former Chairman of the British Conservative Party and has been Chancellor of the University of Oxford since 2003.

The full text of his talk is published in the Summer 2020 issue of Studies.
Pictured here are former Taoiseach John Bruton, Chris Patten and Bruce Bradley SJ, editor of Studies