Welcome to Studies

Studies is a quarterly journal published by Messenger Publications, the publishing organisation of the Irish Jesuits.  Founded and in continuous publication since 1912, it examines Irish social, political, cultural and economic issues in the light of Christian values and explores the Irish dimension in literature, history, philosophy and religion.

John Henry Newman, recently in the public eye due to his canonisation in 2019, continues to intrigue and influence thinking about the nature of knowledge, the unity of truth, and the purpose of higher education.  In our increasingly siloed and individualistic society and economy today, we could do well to revisit Newman’s vision of fostering a broad, integrated sense of knowledge and a more holistic education system. The summer 2023 issue of Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review steps up to the plate in publishing a number of panel contributions to the recent discussion panels co-hosted by UCD’s Newman Centre and The Notre Dame Newman Centre for Faith and Reason.